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Escalators are motor-powered moving staircases that help people to move easily and effortlessly between different floors in a building.Nowadays, these moving stairs are more and more popular, having found their way into malls, metro stations, airports, etc.

At VMax, we provide impeccable installation and maintenance for the following types of escalators.

Rectangle tube Truss with precision welding

Stainless Steel Or Alluminuim Steps as per clients choice

Safety Protection standards as laid out by the EN Codes

Automatic Lubrication system Lubricates all kinds of driving components


Parallel escalators are escalators that face in the same direction. These escalators take up more floor area than conventional escalator designs that have an appealing look. On the other hand, it has been discovered that they are less efficient and more costly than other escalators. Parallel escalators can also be configured in spiral or stacked parallel configurations, depending on the practical conditions of the location. The parallel escalators also make it possible for the user to continue utilising them by just turning around at the conclusion of the journey.


One of the most common types of escalator found, it is on the rise these days. Previously, the stairs in these types of elevators were made of wood. But nowadays the stairs are constructed of metal. Step escalators are popular because they can go up and down, as well as flat and up and down again. The escalator’s steps are mounted on hinged circles, which monitor its appearance in addition to the steps that are visible from all of the above steps. This escalator is intended to be far safer than any other form of escalator.


The spiral parallel escalator is a design that encourages customers to travel around because it is put in areas with an excessively lengthy walking space. The ability to wander about keeps the user from being irritated. The other form of parallel escalator is the stacked parallel escalator, which is typically seen in malls and metro stations and is limited to two storeys. In contrast, they are easily discovered in public buildings or any other high traffic place since they all go in the same direction. The stacked parallel escalators provide the option of reversing the direction, which is especially useful during rush hours when everyone is travelling in the same direction.


Wheelchair accessible escalators are ones that feature an attendant who will stop the escalator if someone in a wheelchair needs to use it. These escalators are intended to provide patients and wheelchair users with convenience when travelling. When the wheelchair enters the escalator, it immediately enters a specific mode. Three subsequent steps will level out to produce a platform. Following this, it will be discovered that some spikes emerge from the step closest to the lower landing of the escalator of the platform, which is made up of three steps, preventing the passenger’s wheelchair from rolling off the platform.

ApplicationIndoor/Outdoor 16HR DailyIndoor/Outdoor 16HR Daily
Angle of Inclination3530
Step Width 600/800/1000600/800/1000
Horizontal Steps2/22/2 or 3/3*
Main Power380v/50HZ/3PH380v/50HZ/3PH
BalustradeTempered GlassTempered Glass
Handrail BracketStainless SteelStainless Steel
Balustrade Height900mm900mm
IlluminationLighting Under Upper & Lower Landing StepsLighting Under Upper & Lower Landing Steps
Inner & Outer DeckingStainless Steel HL/Alluminuim#Stainless Steel HL/Alluminuim#* only above