VMAX Elevators


VMax Elevators & Lifts has extensive expertise in the sector of vertical transportation. Since inception, we have developed in-depth procedures backed up by precise, specially-designed structures - after careful research and considerations - for offering the best possible after-sales maintenance services. Our services are associated with providing convenience for commuting between the various floors of a building and involve the task of moving people. Thus, it is crucial that we provide regular and timely maintenance and support services including audits, equipment surveys and other end-to-end services such as surveys of key performance indicators, safety, ethics, internal control & communication, etc.

Personalised & Tailor-made maintenance services as per client requirements and our safety standards.

Precautionary maintenance measures and services to ensure safety and smooth functioning of elevators and lifts.

Time-efficient, faster and reliable repair services in case of unpredicted breakdowns or issues with the elevator system.

24/7 support and maintenance helpline availed to answer queries and extend help to resolve simple but unexpected issues.